Jeff Baker's Biography

Jeff Baker’s people based photography has been known in the advertising and commercial marketplace for years. His concern with a natural ethic in lifestyle and portraiture was honed at the University of Texas while studying with Russell Lee and Gary Winogrand who brought in the likes of Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander and John Sarkowski to lecture.

A photojournalist and editorial magazine shooter in his early years, he developed his technical chops as a fashion and still life photographer for Neiman Marcus, with whom he had a relationship for many years. While nurturing both lighting and design, he missed the immediacy and challenge of capturing real emotions.

Jeff's love of the documentary ethic has led him into the development of a style of shooting that focuses on moments in life while keeping a rich production palate at his fingertips. After a more than thirty year career, his passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the medium remain unwavering.

Client List

  • American Way
  • D Magazine
  • Esquire
  • Fashion Dallas
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • Money
  • Texas Monthly
  • Aunt Jemima - Berry/Brown
  • A.T.& T. - Javalin Direct
  • Bank of America - TPN/Organic
  • Dickies - Direct
  • Frito/Lay - Tracey Locke
  • General Motors - Arnold
  • Hasbro - Tracey Locke
  • Hershey’s - TPN
  • Hewlett Packard - Direct
  • Honda - Telemundo/Brazil
  • Iam’s - Direct
  • Nationwide - Temerlin/McClain
  • Quaker Oats - Berry/Brown
  • R.J.Reynolds - Messina/Brown
  • SBC Communications - Javalin
  • Striderite - Arnold
  • Thomas Bagels - Integer
  • Trane - Richards Group
  • Tyson Foods - Direct
  • Verizon – Y & R
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals - Grey

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